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Kaynak: Craftiness is not optional
Get ready for some felt flowers this week! I had a blast making a bunch the other day and made a few tutorials for them, they're simple stuff, but so quick and fun to make.

Today I'll show you how I made these easy layered flowers. First I cut out a bunch of flowers from wool felt, using my Go Baby! Rose of Sharon die.

You could easily cut out floral shapes by hand though! 

Then fold in half, and dab a little hot glue in the middle, let it cool.

Fold in half again and dab some more glue!

I usually used 5-6 of the same size flowers for each one, plus a few smaller flowers to fill in the center.

So then glue down the quartered flowers like so.

Then glue one more quartered flower in the middle.

These needed some more to fill in the middle, so I quartered some smaller flowers...

and plopped them down in the middle! (using glue of course, haha)

Add a circle of the same color felt on the back of headbands to make it look nice and neat.

They look so cute on headbands, clips, brooches...car antennae....haha almost gotcha, huh.

They are adorable in miniature size!

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