Dantel çiçekli saç tokası

What you'll need:
Lace Trim - Felt - Glue Gun

Step One: Trace and cut two circles out of your felt.

Step Two: Apply a thin bead of glue to the outside of your felt circle.

Step Three: Stick the inside edge of your lace trim to the glue.

Step Four: Continue steps 2&3 in small increments.
(I used an old thimble to prevent burning my fingers on the hot glue.)

Step Five: When you get to the center just cut your trim and glue end down.

Optional Steps: Now you can either leave the lace flower as is or embellish the center:
(I found these adorable brads at Target)

You will want to make a pilot hole with your craft knife, then add your brad.

Now you have a cute little lace flower!
Isn't she pretty! You can use this so many different ways!
I choose to put it on a large bobby pin.
(When I make soft headbands I sew the elastic with a long overlap and opening so I can slide these puppies right in!)

To secure to the bobby pin slide you 2nd piece on felt through the center.

Now glue your lace flower on top!
Tada! I love the vintage feel & can't wait to wear it!

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  1. Paylaştığınız herşeyi ilgiyle takip ediyorum tokada,bilekliklerde çok güzel anlatılmış teşekkürler.Sevgiler..



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