Harika bir saç tarağı nasıl yapılır?


From the top Left to Right:
1 marabou feather
3 2 1/2 inches of wide feathers trimmed from the feather’s tip (I think these were goose feathers)
1 fabric flower (as the focal point)
2 rectangle felt patches (1 1/2″ x 3″) that should be as wide as the comb’s width (I forgot to include the other felt patch)
1 stalk of millinery berries
1 blank comb
1 1 1/2 “x 12″ of organza ribbon
3/8″ x 36″ of satin ribbon

From Left to Right:
threaded needle
hot glue (OPTIONAL)
Fold the organza ribbon three times in different lengths and then separate each fold to create a fan.
Step 2:
Sew running stitches across the base of the folded ribbon. Knot the thread at the end, and then trim the excess thread.
Step 3:
Bend the millinery berry stalk. Try bending it in such a way one is longer than the other to make it look more natural.

Step 4:
Plan the layering/layout of your design. The rectangular felt patch will serve as your base. This step is important so you can maximize the space and at the same time gives you an idea if your design would work.
I started designing with the wide feathers at the side.
Then I put the ribbon on the other side to balance the design.
I added the fluffy marabou feather at the middle to add texture, volume, and a touch of opulence to the fascinator.
Add the millinery berry stalk.
Lastly, put the fabric flower on top of all the embellishments.
Step 5:
Sew all the embellishments together on the felt patch.
To attach the wide feather without the use of glue, stitch the feather to the felt layer by layer along its shaft.
I stitched it four times so the feather was securely attached.
I made a mistake on the second feather. I wasn’t able to stitch near the shaft so it slightly made the feather’s shape a little different.
Ideally, it is best to cover the whole rectangular felt base.
Step 6:
Attach the folded ribbon into the felt base by stitching it.
Step 7:
Attach the marabou feather by stitching its shaft to the felt base (just like the wide feathers).
Step 8:
Attach the millinery berry stalk by sewing it on the felt patch.
Step 9:
Attach the fabric flower by stitching it on the embellished base.
Stitch the base petals as well.
Step 10:
If the flower cannot cover all the stitches, you can add beads on it.
Step 11:
Wrap the top part of the blank comb with a ribbon.
Dab a little glue at the edge of the blank comb, and then attach the tip of the ribbon (This step is optional).
Wrap the ribbon in between the comb’s teeth.
When your ribbon is near the end of the comb, create a loop, and then put the ribbon through, and pull.
Trim the excess ribbon, add some glue (optional) at the ribbon allowance, and then attach it on the wrapped ribbon.
Step 12:
Attach the blank rectangular felt base on top of the ribbon wrapped part of the comb.
Pin the rectangular felt base on top of the ribbon wrapped part of the comb as a guide.
With you knotted thread, start joining the ends of the felt base and the wrapped comb by stitching them together.
Stitch them 2 to 3 times.
Pull the thread.
Now the tricky part. You should sew the ribbon and the felt together with a slant stitch.
View in between the ribbon and the felt.
Your stitches don’t have to look neat since this part will be covered later. What is important is that you were able to secure the felt into the comb.
Stitch the edges (twice) of the felt and comb together to close.
Step 13:
Attach the embellished felt base to the blank felt base (attached to a comb) by sewing slanting stitches.
It is ideal to use felt rectangles of the same size. My mistake was I made the other rectangle smaller so I had a hard time stitching the felt bases together.
Sew slanting stitches around the felt rectangles and then knot your thread when you finish.
Trim the excess thread.

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