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You will need:

A fun object to live inside your snow globe (ours is a flamingo!)

A smooth jar with screw top lid (beets anyone?)

The magic ingredient, Glycerine (shhh)

Enamel paint


You will also need cold water, a paint brush and a glue gun (or superglue and a lot of patience!)

First up, empty out your beets and clean out that jar!

Then you need to get painting. With the lid on the jar, apply x2 coats of enamel paint. Make sure you let it dry before you start getting water on it as you don't need paint smeared all over your kitchen!

Then you need to glue your object of desire on the inside. Don't worry too much if you get globs round the edges as you're not really going to notice it once your masterpiece is completed...

Ever wondered how a snow globe works?
Cold water and glycerine, thats how!
Fill up your jar with cold water so it is almost brimming, then add 2-3 teaspoons of glycerine and stir it in. It will go a little cloudy at first, but that's just the magic happening. Persevere!
Once its all clear again, add a sprinkle of glitter. We mean a sprinkle too - if you go overboard it will go all clumpy and gross. Stir it all up and screw your lid shut..

kaynak: Vivid(please)

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  1. Çok sevimli bir uygulama olmuş. Çok cici. Paylaşım için teşekkürler.



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